Here are the rules ! A link to Gary Thorley Graphics needs to be provided on each and every one of your web pages that you use my graphics on. You also need to email me to say you're going to copy any graphic. I need to be happy with my work on your site - if I'm not you must remove any graphic when I ask you to.


Fat BadgerWhy do I want credit for my images on your pages?? I have spent thousands of hours creating this site, and most of that time was spent doing the graphics. Creating graphics is very time-consuming, and if people don't do graphics, they often have no idea how much work they are. Besides, I want everyone to be able to find my site, and your links help that happen!

If you don't give proper credit on each page for the images you've taken from another site, someone viewing your site and looking for copyright notices, credits, wouldn't see any of those things. That person would then assume it was just fine to take the images on your page. Did you ever stop to think that, by omission, you're saying the images on your page are yours and that you don't care if others use them?

All Gary Thorley Graphics are original designs by me which means they are also, of course, copyrighted by me. My graphics are *not* to be used on commercial sites, by web page developers, or on "gallery" type sites. I do not want any sites that are x-rated, are linked to x-rated sites, or sites that I deem to be inappropriate for these sorts of reasons to use my graphics. These images are not to be used in any graphics collections for sale (CD-Roms, etc.). If you've got any questions about any of this, please email me.

These graphics cannot be used for any other reason, please email us for permission. Other usage means for publications of any kind, using my artwork to create your own designs on or off the Web, and any other usage that is non-Web.

I will charge a nominal fee for my images to be used for any commercial use. The charge will be 10.00 for one image or 25.00 for multiple images. This would apply to *all* commercial use of my images on or off the Web and certain other usages on or off the Web. Please email me and let me know what you would like to use my images for.

I may agree, (if I'm in the right mood) to allow some images on personnal sites at no charge - but I do want to know they are being used.

My graphics are ***not*** to be altered in *any* way (this means recoloring, resizing an image, etc.). They are to be used as they are and in no other way. You may "mirror" the image if you wish, though, as long as you do not alter it in any other way. If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Please *DO NOT* link directly to the individual graphics on these pages, because the extra bandwidth used could wind up costing me a lot of extra money. No one likes to have other people use their bandwidth. It's called "stealing bandwidth"

If you wish to use any of my work on a web site, I will be happy to put a link to your site.